My site is under construction and is currently a mess. One more snow storm should get this wrapped up.

What's Here

smor·gas·bord (smôrgəsˌbôrd), Noun Definition: 1. A buffet offering hot and cold meats, salads, hors d'oeuvres, etc. 2. A wide range of something; a variety: "a smorgasbord of different musical styles"

Here's a list of what's in this site.
  • Blog

    I typically write one or two Blog posts per week for the Absorb LMS Blog. I reference those and add more personal writings here.

  • Events

    I present a Webinar per month on topics related to learning and development. Check out the time and date of these events here.

  • Music

    One of the things I love most is making music with others. This section contains lead sheets (lyrics and chords) of some of the songs we play.

  • Learning Links

    This section contains posts from some of the best sites on the topics of learning and development and learning technology.

  • Montreal

    I love Montréal. To help you enjoy this city’s cultural opportunities, I’ve listed popular and intimate concert venues and aggregated event listings from some of the sites I monitor.