Absorb LMS Blog Digest: February 2012

My February 2012 posts on the Absorb LMS Blog:

What Do Learners Really Think of Their Learning Environments?

Luana Vargas, Educational Development Manager at International Society of Arboriculture, recently posted a great question on a LinkedIn discussion group: “Do you directly sell courses to your e-learning end-users? If you do, how are you evaluating (reaction) the courses or the platform in which they are offered?” First of all, kudos to Luana to care about learner reaction and satisfaction. As a commercial content provider, it’s critical that her learners see the value in her courses. What I especially like about Luana’s question is that she hasn’t restricted feedback to the course content. More >

Should You Block Access to Your Learning Management System?

Two commercial courseware providers asked me the same question this week: “In the event that a customer does not renew a subscription to my courseware, how do I block their access to the learning management system?” Great question! More >

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