Absorb LMS Blog Digest: March 2012

My March 2012 posts on the Absorb LMS Blog:

Video: How Jennifer Automates the Management of an Extended Enterprise Learning Initiative

If you’re a regular reader of this Blog, you’ve read about how learning management systems can be configured to automate many of the activities required to manage a learning and development initiative. You may have read this, but you may not have SEEN it. ;-) So here’s a short video showing how this is done within Absorb LMSMore >

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Learning Management System (Part 1)

A new learning management system (LMS) is like a blank canvas. You can proceed with setting the system up two ways: More >

How to Provide Learning to People Outside Your Organization

Increasingly, organizations are expanding their internal learning programs to now include partners, suppliers, contractors, association members, and customers, among others. We’ve just written a case study describing one such scenario. More >

“Can’t We Just Manage Learning Using Email and a Survey Tool?”

My home is filled—evidently—with a visual history of using the wrong tool for the job. Unable to find nails, artwork has been hung with screws that were hammered into walls. Once the frame has crashed to the ground, I’ve filled the hole with toothpaste for lack of having drywall filler. Invariably, these workarounds have eventually caused greater problems and expenses. I now believe in using the right tool for the job. More >


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