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I’ve Joined the Research Advisory Board of AC Growth

I’m honored that I was invited to join the Research Advisory Board of AC Growth last week. The aim of AC Growth is to “provide the research and guidance you need to create and execute market-changing sales and marketing strategies to achieve revenue targets.” I accepted AC Growth’s invitation for a couple of reasons listed my Brandon Hall Research blog. The press release is here.

I’m increasingly interested in the sales and marketing business functions. I’m starting a number of Web-based companies this year. In February, I launched Petit Piot, an online jewellery boutique that features the work of some talented designers I know. Later this year, I’ll be starting a new software company in the HR/recruiting industry.

Starting a company is a quick way to learn that sales and marketing are crucial to success. If you think you can create a Web-based business and then sit back and watch the money roll in, you’re mistaken. Your sales and marketing strategies and efforts need as much attention as the site you’ve built.

Workplace Learning Today Named One of the Top 50 Human Resources Blogs


One of the blogs to which I contribute daily, Workplace Learning Today, has been recognized to be one of the Top 50 Human Resources Blogs.

As of today, my colleagues Janet Clarey, Tom Werner, Gary Woodill, and I have collectively published 1163 posts to Workplace Learning Today since it was launched on August 12, 2008. We’re thrilled to have made this list after less than a year.

I’ve Abandoned Drupal. Back to WordPress

I’ve realized that I just don’t have the time to tinker with Drupal for my personal Web site. Drupal is a powerful content management system. I likely only scratched the surface of its abilities these last few months.

I’m reverting to WordPress, which is fast, easy, and powerful. From now on, expect much more content and less tinkering with modules behind the scenes.

Life is too short.