4 LMS Features That Were Hot and Now Are Not

Apart from a two-year stint selling tropical fish at a local pet shop when I was 16, my entire career has been in learning technology.

  • Fresh out of university, I worked as a content developer and designed and authored hundreds of hours of online courses.
  • As an analyst a decade later, I wrote industry reports about learning management systems, authoring tools, and other technologies.
  • As CEO of Brandon Hall Research, I oversaw our research calendar, organized conferences, and delivered countless presentations. I also had the chance to sit in on three or four demonstrations by LMS vendors per week.
  • In my current role with Absorb, I help organizations reduce the effort associated with managing learning by demystifying LMS technology.

Consequently, in these last couple of decades, I’ve seen countless learning trends embraced with an enthusiasm that eclipses the Dutch tulip frenzy of 1637. Just as that market hysteria faded when sanity returned to the flower-loving public, trends in learning technology have come and gone. In the LMS world, what was hot a few years ago rarely appears in a list of requirements today.

Here are four learning management system features that were hot, and now are not:

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