Why Integrating Your Learning Management System with Other Applications Makes More Sense than Buying a Suite of Products

From Groceries to Business Apps, Quality Suffers at One-Stop-Shops

Three years ago, I moved from the suburbs back into the city. I now live in a neighbourhood where I can walk a short distance and purchase pretty much anything I need. This area contains many culinary options: a fully-stocked grocery store, a fruit and vegetable market, three cafes, two chocolatiers, a fancy spot where you can acquire rare olive oils and jams spiked with champagne, four bakery/pastry shops (we love our baguettes up here), and a wine store (we love drinking wine while we eat our baguettes), all within the span of five short blocks.

Prior to moving here, my Saturday mornings used to be spent at a grocery store the size of a two soccer fields getting what I needed to prepare the meals for the week. My shopping habits have now changed. I rarely plan meals now, preferring to decide during the day what I’d like to eat. Also, I’ve become fiercely loyal to certain vendors.

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