A Significantly Abridged List of My Goals for 2012

Each year, family members and friends attending our annual January 1st dinner party are asked to describe the most memorable thing they did the previous year and to share their goals for the following year. It’s fantastic to hear of people’s gratitude for what they experienced and their sense of optimism for what lies ahead.

The evening proceeds swimmingly until my turn arrives. The pace then slows significantly and a sense of dread descends upon guests who have previously experienced one of my marathon goal listing sessions. For some in attendance, I suspect this feels like listening to someone reading from a very large phone book.

To make this tradition less painful this year, and because some of you may have made plans for the rest of the day, I present below about 10 per cent of my goals for 2012.  Goals related to my family, specific friendships, among others, have been omitted.

Psychological Well-being:

  • To abandon mentally, once and for all, the ridiculous concept of retirement. Whoever suggested that we should work hard until we can afford to stop working, thus freeing us to be bored out of your skulls, was a sadist. The idea of retirement creates stress, misery, and often diminishing health. We watch our investments flounder from whatever crisis is currently roiling the world and fret that we’ll be eating noodles with butter once per day when we retire. Screw that. I’m never retiring and I’ll never work at jobs I hate. The focus from now on will be to do work I love, forever.
  • Every day, write down one thing for which I’m grateful.


  • Directly generate twice my income in year one in my new role as a member of the Blatant Media team
  • Actively contribute daily to the positive, supportive culture that presently exists at Blatant Media. (Haven’t figured out how to make this measurable yet. Any ideas?)
  • Publish no fewer than one blog post per week at absorblms.wordpress.com, and one post every two weeks to richardnantel.com
  • Present no fewer than six original Webinars related to learning management technology

Art and Music:

  • Adopt a structured approach to practicing guitar where 50 per cent of my time is spent improving technique, and 50 per cent is spent maintaining a current repertoire.
  • Post to YouTube a minimum of 12 musical performances, either as a soloist or accompanist; two of which must be original compositions.
  • Become adept at sound recording by reading a minimum of two books on the subject and applying their techniques. If books are confusing, call my colleague Dan Medakovic, who’s a talented musician and sound engineer, for his wisdom.
  • Inspired by David Hockney’s stunning digital art, create a minimum of one completed painting per month on my iPad, posted to Flickr.

Health and fitness:

  • Successfully recycle old fly fishing gear into a new, smaller road bike. (My current bike’s a bit too big for my not-so-flexible frame.)
    NOTE: My wife has asked that I specify that my fly fishing gear includes more than 100 really fantastic books, currently in boxes on the floor of the TV room.
  • Complete a minimum of four 100+ km rides.
  • Structure six day per week workouts as follows: 50 per cent strength training, and 50 per cent aerobic training, with one workout per week being high intensity interval training
  • Start every weekday morning with a 3 km walk, regardless of the weather.
  • One massage per month; guilty indulgence

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